Wow~~How lovely they are!!

To my surprised, I found that dogs are also the good models~. What is your opinion about the special clothes which are put on the dogs? Maybe it is common to make out the clothes for the dogs nowadays because most of people think that dogs are the friends of them. However, I don't like dogs I still feed the dogs which put on the clothes are very lovely!! So don't wait, come on to buy a beautiful clothes to your dog~.
HA HA~~.Am I looks like an advertiser~???

Just like two lovely baby~~


~~My beautiful mother school~~

Wow!!! So quiet at that time~because all the students were having eveining classes earnestly......
As you see, this is my mother school that I have studied in it for 6 years. During the last 6 years,the school has became more and more beautiful. that's new teaching building is built for 2 years, it is very beautiful, right? In fact, many classmates and me always complain that" why can't we
studyin this beautiful school, oh`unfair~!!!

This is the new teaching building of my middle school~

Overlooking the school in the air~so beautiful~~~!

Can you see?? There is a big parking lot under the teaching building~!!!