Very very very 『miss』 all of u

hi~~~very long time no see...
=======My pp....Mmm...not so good..

i am very very sory for not update my blog for long long time.+0+ In fact, i really want to post my news and share somethings with u, but i don't know why i can't enter this blog last month. u know, it is not the first time, i don't know the reasons, i think maybe there are some porblems for Chinese IP to visit. however, we meet again.. i am very happy there are still some of u come to visit my 【no update】blog and give me the comments... i like u... u r very kind and friendly...haha


My nice trip

My guides, me & my cousin

haha~last week i hav visited to singapore and Malaysia, and i have a nice time there. i like the country and their people coz their are very nice. however i just visit there for only 5 days and i hope i will visit there once more in the future. u know i hav took so many photos there, and now let me show u some of them. haha~~


My holiday

haha~~long long long time no see!! how are u??? i am so sorry to no update my blog!! Now i think your holiday is begin right? so did i. This year i went to have a part time job with my classmates in EC21, do u know that company? EC21 is the world’s largest B2B marketplace to facilitate online trades between exporters and importers from all around the world.I have worked there nearly 1 week and it is also have nice time there. In there company there are just 5 staffs besides the manager, so this is a small company because this is just a branch, the Headquarters of EC21 is in Korea.


BWM bike

Have u saw or used the bike of BWM? In fact, i just see this bike this time, and it is very colorful and also very fashion for young people, well i like it very much when i will have one bike like that ????
haha~just stop now~coz i hav somethings to do!! see ya....


Biscuits art of Korea

haha~there r some photos about biscuilt art of Korea~!! So smart of the Korea people, they use biscuilt to make the house and other things, so beautiful, i like them...so do u like that, i hope it not let u feel hungry!!hah