BWM bike

Have u saw or used the bike of BWM? In fact, i just see this bike this time, and it is very colorful and also very fashion for young people, well i like it very much when i will have one bike like that ????
haha~just stop now~coz i hav somethings to do!! see ya....


Biscuits art of Korea

haha~there r some photos about biscuilt art of Korea~!! So smart of the Korea people, they use biscuilt to make the house and other things, so beautiful, i like them...so do u like that, i hope it not let u feel hungry!!hah


hello kitty hotel in Japan

I believe that so many people hav been to Japan for traveling, may be you would like to go to different kinds of the Theme parks, such as Disneyland, Hello Kitty Land and so on. In fact, not only the Theme parks, but also the Japan hotel hav built some Theme rooms, such as the DAIWA ROYAL RESORT & SPA HOTEL, it had launched Hello Kitty theme rooms, all the furnitures printed the hello kitty logo that let the customers seems to stay in hello kitty's world!!!
Sound good~~right? haha~


Happy children's day~!!

First of all i would like to say' Happy children's day' to all the children all over the world!! haha~maybe for u and me is also ok!
Today it is sun shine, and i saw each of the child dress new clothes and with a big smile~! How time flies!! 5 years ago i still had a nice time with my friends on Children's day, but now we can't, no.. maybe we could, but the meaning is different because we grow up and we are no longer to be the children...However, we still retaining a child's innocence, haha!~!