May 26th

First i must say sorry to all of my friends here, bacause i didn't update my blog in time, but i hope u will understand me, well i really hav so many assignments to do these days. haha~~
So did u miss me? hehe.....i hope u did!
Well today i want to show u some cute boxes which can put in your rooms, i think they are useful and nice. Why i will show u that because some of my friends told me that they like shopping and buy many things that there are not enough space for them to put theri things, if buy a new Cabinet that will waste money, and the sometimes the cabinet style is different from rooms. So i show u the cute box, they are nice and also cheap!


Need ur help!!!!!!

Hello~everybody~ there is one thing that i want to trouble u! I built a new blog about 'China valve' ,which is my assissment, if u hav time will u go to this blog and give me suggestions about that blog~thx!!
the blog's address: http://china-valves.blogspot.com
i really need ur help, welcome to that blog!


BBQ~nice day

Wow~so mang delicious foods
haha~Yanny and me!!~Yanny is my good friend, can u see her new hair bob, cute~~
all my classmates ,every one with a big smile!
delicious foods~can u guess which one is mine?>_0 haha~

Yesterday i went to BBQ with my classmates, which is the most thins i want to do before!
However the weather of yesterday is hot, we enjoyed ourselves very much, and there are somany delicious foods to eat, each of us had nice time. haha~we also took photos there, and i will show u some of them. I won't forget that day, unforget all of u are~~!!yeah!!!


'Modern drama' performance

hehe~later our class will attend a English modem drama called 'Ella Enchanted', so i am very excited now and hope we can win in this match!!!
u know i am the Leading lady of this drama, haha~~~ that is a joke, i am the dubbing of the leading lady! These day i was busy with the rehearsal with my classmate, though it is very hard to practice in hot weather, and waste our relaxation time, i also feel happy and interesting!! That will be an unforgetable recollection for me in my university life~^_^
I am looking forward the match' coming!!!


Love u Mom ^0^

Tomorrow is a very important day for all the mothers~so happy mothers' day for all the mothers!
And i also thx for my dear mother who let my live happy all the time, and keep healthy and so on so on...... I love u mon!! I remember last year I give u a nice handbag right? Well this year i want to give u another kinds of presents! Do u guess what is it? haha ~ i would not to tell u right now~ because i want to give u a surprise tomorrow! haha....I will anticipate tomorrow!! Hope all of u have a nice time with ur moms!!!


girls' rooms






i saw some colorful rooms for girls yesterday and like them very much, so i post them in my blog and share with all of my friends~~!! The rooms are very cute and i thinks most of the girls must love them! This time i just found some rooms for girls, may be next time i will post some for the boys! haha wait for me, and i won't let u wait for the long time~!^0^
haha, ps: and there is also a voting, choose the room u like best and write down the number, if there is no one that u like, u can post your dream room' photo here, and share with us!!!


family day~

these photos u see are the environment of this restaurant , that is really a good way for families to visit, the food is delicious the environment is good, and the service is also well~

Fragrant onion chicken
Cowboy bone

Yesterday I had a nice day with my family~. We went to 'Happy together restaurant', u know that restaurant is a little different between others because it not only provides food but also provides entertainment for children, and the environment is also very exquisite!! So did u go their before? may be u will like this place after u see these photos!


News on S.H.E

these are the 3 type of the CD Hebe Ella Selina

haha~I am very happy because my favorite super star--s.h.e they has already published their new CD~, and the sale conditon is also very good~. This time of the CD is very special, there are 3 types to choose, so u can choose your favorite to buy!
I am looking forward their new songs and hope to listen them as quickly as possible!