May 26th

First i must say sorry to all of my friends here, bacause i didn't update my blog in time, but i hope u will understand me, well i really hav so many assignments to do these days. haha~~
So did u miss me? hehe.....i hope u did!
Well today i want to show u some cute boxes which can put in your rooms, i think they are useful and nice. Why i will show u that because some of my friends told me that they like shopping and buy many things that there are not enough space for them to put theri things, if buy a new Cabinet that will waste money, and the sometimes the cabinet style is different from rooms. So i show u the cute box, they are nice and also cheap!


yeye cardenas said...

wow, those boxes are nice, especially the first one. :)

El Gigante Verdoso said...

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Best wishes :)