'Modern drama' performance

hehe~later our class will attend a English modem drama called 'Ella Enchanted', so i am very excited now and hope we can win in this match!!!
u know i am the Leading lady of this drama, haha~~~ that is a joke, i am the dubbing of the leading lady! These day i was busy with the rehearsal with my classmate, though it is very hard to practice in hot weather, and waste our relaxation time, i also feel happy and interesting!! That will be an unforgetable recollection for me in my university life~^_^
I am looking forward the match' coming!!!


Lei said...

Good luck!! ^_^

Sarah said...

thx Lei~~
i will try my best!!

iCalvyn said...

probably u can come out a picture with all ur member face just like the photo u posted there...kekee

Sarah said...

ok ~
that is a good idea!
thx for ur useful suggestion~ i will try next time!!^_^