Apr 18, 2007

Before I start to write this diary, I want to ask all of u and still myselfe: How strong your friendship are??? But in my opinion, I think it is the easiest thing to be destory!!! I am very sorry to say such sad topic, and I still believe that most of people have some true friends and they will be very well forever! However, what's the meaning of 'friend'? Different people have different idea. Someone will say friends just the person who easy to get along with or always do sth together or ..... someone will say friends are the person who always help them with sth or they have the same interest.
Do u all think it is right, stupid!!!! U must know that someone they smile with u now, but next second they will heart u so bad or frames u, so terrible! So if u make friend with someone, please consider one thing clearly: 'are they ur true friend??'
However, I still have so many good friends, and I will value the friendship between us~~!Miss u so much my friends~wish to see all of u soon!!! :D


YOYO said...

do u miss me ?

Sarah said...

of course~because u r my friend!