Good choose for 'Morning Tea'

Good morning~have you have your blackfast already? And do you have tasted this food when you go to morning tea in China?? You know it is very popular for Chinese to have morning tea with family or some friends in the morning, expecially in southeast atea of China.Here are some photos of chinese snack that I took when I went to have morning tea with my family last sunny!

This called 'steamed, grilled meat bun' in Chinese , but I don't know how to say that in foreign countries.

This is called' steamed vegetarian chicken feet ' in Chinese, and this is a famous snack of 'morning tea', most of the people must order it when they go to have morning tea. And it is my favorite, Mmm~yummy yummy!!

This is called 'steamed beef balls', it is also very famous and it is my father's favorite~~!

This is called 'pan-fry chilli', it is made of chilli and fish, after it is pan fried, it taste delicious!

This is called' steamed turnip cake', it is made of white turnip not the carrot, there are two ways to eat , one is steam the other is pan-fry. So I always prefer to the second way!

Are you feel hungry now?? haha..
So if you travel to Guangdong, don't forget to taste these delicious food when you have morning tea!!


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