Give some suggestions about how to enhance the lecture presentation by Blogging~~~
Here are some suggestions to enhance the lecture presentation by blogging:
If the teacher put his course content on the blog, and then open the blog and talk in class breezily instead of write down on the blackboard, it will save the time.

The teacher can set up BBS on the blog, and then ask the students to write down their problems that they don’t understand in class. So the teacher can solve the problems for them in time.

Before the class, if the teacher put some correlative exercises on the blog and ask the students to do , I think that will help them to prepare for the course, so the students will understand the course better when they have class.

The teacher can also put some correlative information or website on the blog, tell the students to browse these, maybe it will increase their knowledge.

If the teacher uses the blog in class, just a laptop can let us change the classroom. That is to say we on longer to have class in the classroom, we can have class in the open air. If that is a biology class, this way will make the class feels interesting and the students will learn more about it


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