My favorite comic strips!!! Hot~~~

"Loving u secretly"do u hear that? It is a very popular comic strip of Japan, the clicking rate of this comic strip on the internet is very high. Now the comic strip has been revised the TV program called “For You in Full Blossoms”, Chinese name is (花樣少年少女). After it broadcasted, it has a high viewing ratio immediately. So now this TV program is very hot in some Asia areas but besides Taiwan.

I also the super fans of this TV program because it is not only has humorous plot, but also has some famous stars in it. For example Ella and Wuchun and so on!! However it only has 15 volumes, every volume can make every audience has a big laugh and has a profound impression. Oh yes, I think the songs of this program are also very good~~! Believe me!! Because I am a good singer~haha!!

What is this program talk about???
May be I will tell some details. The main content of this story is that female lead dresses up a boy and plan to enter a male school in order to see the high jump of the male lead. After she enters the school, there will be many interesting stories.

Are u interested in it now?? Would u like to see this program at once?? So don’t waste time, go to see it online or buy the DVDs!


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