Do u think I am a singer? Haha~ might be one day ~. But now I am just a student. I like singing, sometimes I will go to KTV with my friends, sometimes I would like to participate in singing match, well it’s so interesting~~!!!

What are these photos? She’s a famous singer called Sarah! Oh no, that is a joke~. These pictures are took about 4 months ago, in my college it holds a singing match per year, so in the last year I participate in it. Do u guess what song did I sang?? Er~ secret!!! In fact I want to tell u, but I really don’t know how to say that in English, if u want to know, it’s easy come and take me to a good restaurant then I will tell u!!

In that night there are many competitors for me, so I try my best to do it. But the result was not so good. Anyway I was very happy that night because I made some friends there , they are very friendly and also have the same interest with me, so after that match we still communicate with each other quite often~!

What about u? Do u like singing? If u do, would u like to sing a song for? Haha ~friends waiting for u!!!

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Hi all

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