Apr 25, 2007

This is a more or less a Japanese style room~

Red topic of this toom, let me feel worm!! haha~

This one is also good, but I think this is not true, maybe it is make by computer.

I think this one maybe satisfy children~the main color is light blue and there are some many cartoons around the room, just like fairy world~.

I like this one best because the design is cute and the color is very harmonious!!~

When I was very young, I want to have a beautiful room. So I always hide some beautiful photos about the rooms' design. And sometimes I wish I could have one. hahaha~maybe one day!


lollipop said...

i like the japanese style the most... although i really my room to be in all pink... heheheh :P
nice picture.... wuaaa! how i wish!

Sarah said...

haha~u know i also hope my room will be in all pink!
if i have one i will share with u !

alexiolim said...

once u'll start working... u'll afford to make a room of ur choice.

arr... all girlish style.. not 1 is my fav. hehe.

Sarah said...

so i know u r a boy~
thx for your comment!